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My name is George Mattock.

I am a 27 y.o. owner of a British company in the field of digital content creation. It has been a labour of love for 5 years now and the business stand on its own two feet holding a great stance in the market.

Even though my job has many advantages and benefits, I also love to do things I am really passionate about. We live only once, which is why at the moment I am seeking opportunities to realise my full potential within the IT sector. This is a field I truly find fascinating and a field I believe will allow me to create awesome things!

So I appreciate attractive job offers from web agencies, creatives, and startups!

My Strongest



Born with a natural ability to manage and inspire them to meet expected goals.


Strategic thinking, strong analytical mindset. Decision-maker. Choosing and setting goals.


I just have a keen sense of what a high-quality product should be. The devil is in the detail.


I believe that responsibility and preciseness are very important for any business. That’s why I implement timely agreements and meet deadlines.

Lateral Thinking

Finding extraordinary solutions. I am always looking for the most effective ways forward, even if they are not seen as conventional.


I really appreciate my friends and teammates. I believe that the mutual habit of acting in the interests of the team always leads to growth.

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Phone: +44(0) 7783 416 226



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Bristol, United Kingdom

Give yourself the online presence you deserve

I respect startups and forward-thinking people. It’s always a pleasure to meet new friends and I’m always open to interesting ideas and any kind of collaboration.

So if I can help you with something – please do not hesitate to contact me!