Project Description


Sanitized UK is a SME pop up looking for high sales in a short amount of time. My client Darren approached me after having to pivot his business due to being out of work because of COVID-19.

My role

Concept, Branding, Design, Management, SEO, Marketing

My initial meeting with Darren took place in February 2020 with him outlining his needs for a one page information website, simply to showcase the sanitise stations he has manufactured. The design needs to be clean and information needs to be clear to match the style from the branding. I linked in with Darren’s design team who he used to produce his logo and colour scheme. When I received the files Darren was happy for me to take my own approach on the website, we designed the main wireframe of the site together to ensure the information flows in a certain direction and from that I was able to take my own creative journey to produce the site.

Key Project Objectives

Simple and clean design

The design of the site needs to be very simple and clean, this represents the brand and the products that are on offer. Blues, whites and turquoise colours to represent water and cleanliness.

Detailed product information

Each product image needs to have a detailed blurb to outline the product specification, prices, dimensions and application.

After the site went live we held another meeting where Darren decided he would like to extend the site and add an online e-commerce shop for customers to be able to easily purchase small unit quantities without having to contact a human, this would reduce man hours and allow for orders to come in while the team are busy dealing with large orders and tenders.

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