Project Description


Running for 5 years now, HappyDonut provides Photo Booth hire and custom photo activations for corporate and personal clients. Their website needs to be as fun and engaging as the brand is.

My role

Team Lead, Concept, Branding, Design, Management, SEO, Marketing

When initially speaking with Richard the owner of SRW Security Limited on the phone we spoke about creating a site that mimicked a standard 6 page design he had made himself using a popular web site builder. Nothing too complicated but a holding page for potential clients to understand his company and show legitimacy. Taking a look at the current site and evaluating how I can improve on items such as layout, links, call to actions and images I came to the conclusion that showing Richard some design briefs would be the first step in him understanding my thought process and how I move into the next steps of producing the site.

Richard had requested that the site was to be built in the space of one week to provide continuity when transferring over domains from his current site. Once the design began to take shape and pages were being filled with content we spoke about adding more detailed elements.

Key Project Objectives

Moving Images and GIFs

Outputs from the photos activations vary from photos to GIF’s and videos. Each output needs to be displayed in a way that users can understand how it works and how they will receive their images.

Online Chat Bot

Working alongside a third party client, we integrated an online chat account. While users are scrolling the site they can ask questions which fire push notifications to the HappyDonut staff member.

Image based content

HappyDonut is all about visuals, each page needs to be very image heavy. This means optimising images for web content. Each page needs to load quickly and flow with ease. Images need to relate to the content to sale the services rather than the text.

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