Project Description


A fresh and new brand to showcase design, imagery, web hosting and builds. A portfolio of talent along with an E-commerce shop.

My role

Team Lead, Concept, Branding, Design, Management, SEO, Marketing is a site to showcase the work of myself, birthed during the COVID-19 lockdown I wanted to be able to pivot my knowledge of design and enable clients to hire my services in an easy and accessible way. is simple, clean and inviting. The idea of having an E-commerce site on board means the site is softer rather than being all about information and a sale. Instead users can browse through the site and explore custom and personalised gifts and prints.

Each website page header is designed using parallax elements meaning you can layer up images which are then responsive to mouse and scroll movements. I loved the idea of clients being wow’ed when first entering the site.

Key Project Objectives


A simple and clean brand portfolio able to showcase work to new and potential clients. Outlining design features, imagery, content and research.

Online Store (E-commerce)

A job search page allowing potential new team members to view vacant job requirements.

Clean and Simple

A fresh pop of colour on every page of the website, with 3D rolling buttons, parallax headers, galleries and lots of white space to allow time to take a breath.

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