Project Description


An up and coming bakery based in Kingswood Bristol, selling delicious tray baked cookies, brownies, tiffin, blondies and to top it of Toni is an amazing and talented human with a heart of gold!

My role

Concept, Branding, Design, Management, SEO, Marketing

Before went live, Toni found herself dealing with a lot of request on social media and selling products with a holding system whereby she would wait for customers to come back to he confirming their purchase was confirmed.

Toni explained the amount of time it would take her to sale all stock, not because the demand wasn’t there but dew the actual man hours she had to put in to enable orders. We spoke about having an online shop where access to the back end was easy to navigate, allowing Toni to upload stock and edit her own product range. She wanted to have the ability to run the store herself and not have to keep asking me as the designer to change elements constantly.

Toni also asked for custom contact forms on specific pages, Brownie Slabs, Celebration Cakes and Cupcakes all have personalised forms meaning when the request comes in to Toni’s email the body of the email is laid out and contains all the information she would need, from pick up date to quantity and design. This approach mean the time taken to gain all the information is instant, there is no having to question a client on their requirements.

Key Project Objectives

Online Shop (E-commerce)

Built during the COVID-19 lockdown Toni knew she wanted an online shop to open the kitchen up again and have the option for customers to pick up with safe distancing measures in place.


A missionary galley able to show off all the recent bakes that stand out from a lot of competitors. The talent it takes to make some of these cakes is extraordinary and needs to be acknowledged by anyone who comes across the site.

Contact Form

Simple and easy ways to get in touch, custom contact forms on the relevant pages means customers can get in touch regarding a specific product with detailed needs and requirements.

Since going live with the store, Toni has been able to increase her revenue by 200% and now uploads stock every fortnight and shortly will be looking at shipping the bakes nationwide using a postal service to really bring her up to compete with the leaders in the market.

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